Experience That Counts

David began his career in public service on the Ohio Township Board of Zoning Appeals as an appointed member by the Board of Trustees. Recently, David served eight years as a member of the New Richmond School Board of Education; acting as president twice during his tenure. He shares the accomplishment of leading the New Richmond Schools to becoming an “Excellent” rated school system while eliminating all debts and creating a surplus of cash-on-hand of more than 19 million dollars.

David believes that government can be managed like a business and New Richmond Schools now benefit as being one of the richest public school systems in the state of Ohio. David’s focus of any decision includes gaining input from the stakeholders (tax payers) and ensuring that he has a thorough understanding of the services they want provided. When board members in New Richmond considered the idea of building a new high school, community member input was obtained, a plan was generated, and options were selected by the community to fulfill their needs. The high school was renovated for a fraction of the cost of constructing a new school; meeting the stakeholder’s expectations and needs of the community.

A leader must find an innovative approach of providing requested services at a minimal cost while maintaining an excellent quality rating. David’s conservative approach to managing the peoples’ money is simple: if it isn’t what the taxpayers want, if it doesn’t provide a better requested service, if the path to accomplish it isn’t working, or if you don’t have the money, then don’t spend it. Deficit spending is not acceptable in government at any level.

Senator Mike Dewine

This photograph was taken at the American Centrifuge Facility in Portsmouth, Ohio while David was the Resident Construction Manager. In the center is then, Senator Mike Dewine.

The project was built to process the Department of Energy's inventory of depleted Uranium Hexafluoride.

David Painter is located on the far left of the photograph. (Click photo for larger view)