Elect David Painter For Clermont County Commissioner


Over the past three years working for you as your Commissioner you have had the chance to look into my eyes, my heart, and clearly see my commitment to you as we "raised the bar" for all citizens".

I haven't ever taken my eye off of the ball. I work for you and its your money. Take a look around. Jobs are more plentiful, roads and bridges are being fixed and repaired, new construction is on-going everywhere, the overdose death rate has declined three years in a row, your calls have been returned, I have been in the office everyday, and you have learned more about this county than ever before.

On your behalf, Karla and I have traveled to every corner of this county. Every trustee, every Village Council member, every Township Trustee, every Mayor, every State Representative, every Ohio Senator, every citizen, and even the Governor knows who Commissioner Painter is. But more importantly, they all know who Clermont County is.

On your behalf, we have visited the White House, had pizza with Vice President Pence, been on national T.V. with President Trump, set in the Governor's chair, dined with Trey Gowdy, Kelly Ann, Ben Carson, discussed road funding with Mitch McConnell, Rob Portman, Ran Paul, and even Sherrod Brown, and brought your CASC Program to national awareness on Spanish T.V. I now receive comments from citizens that state, "I know more about the role of a Commissioner than ever before".

I promised you when I took office in 2017 that I would set a new standard for your expectations of a Commissioner in our county. I believe that I have done so, but our work is not complete. I am seeking your support in the upcoming March 17th, Primary Election. I want this job and no one will out work me if you put your confidence in me for four more years. I will work for you and only you. Karla and I "Thank You" in advance for your continued support. May God Bless you, your families, Clermont County and the United States of America. I am David Painter and I approved this message.



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