Elect David Painter For Clermont County Commissioner


Welcome to ElectDavidPainter.com. As a lifetime resident of Clermont County, I'm here for us and want to serve in the capacity of Commissioner. Using strong leadership and passion towards people working together to achieve goals; I want to lend my 37 years of experience managing private and government ventures to our county. I will be your full time Commissioner and I will only work for you.

Economic Development - Vision

Economic Development is about raising the bar for all Clermont County Citizens. Development of this type should be well planned, forecasted to the future, include all stakeholders (Townships included) be controlled, and help foster the free enterprise and fee trade atmosphere that makes this country great. Planning should include reducing government impact on business, allowing the competitive business process to continue unimpeded, and restrict the use of tax payer investment in private business.

When our tax money is used as an investment tool to attract new businesses, existing businesses suffer the consequences. Free enterprise doesn't work when governments assist in the financial structure of selected businesses. The businesses that aren't selected suffer. I will work to raise the bar for all citizens and businesses in Clermont County. Help to create a competitive and stable business environment will ensure the future of Clermont County. I will work to limit the size of government.

Community Concerns:

Clermont County is a great place to live, start a business, and have a family but I see potential to improve it so that we can prosper even more while minimizing government and spending within our means. It's critical that we enhance job creation in our community with viable, sustainable employment that can fully support a family. Bringing in new business will require that we extend the reach of our current utilities. Too many residents have waited for water and sewage to reach their areas for far too long and repairing our roadways has been put off at the expense of the safety of our families and the prosperity of our economy.

Perhaps our most sensitive issue is a large and growing drug problem. It's only through treatment and addressing the epidemic as a disease that we will affect this problem. I will ensure that the Commissioner’s office is transparent with the public and associated county offices in this and every issue. I will break down existing barriers and welcome input from all stakeholders. All of the best ideas are not at the top.


Every day I'm asked: “Why do you want to be a Commissioner?” I love Clermont County and with my life vocation as an environmental engineer, managing schedules, innovatively planning projects within budget, understanding how we are spending our dollars, and exceeding the customer’s expectations, I can be the commissioner that Clermont County needs to prosper. We are the customer and I'll look into the details of our county services so that we can identify the challenges that are holding us back and we can work together to exceed our expectations. Simply stated, “why not me!” I want to be your Commissioner and I know I can make a difference.

Together we can make a difference in Clermont County. I’m here for us!

May God bless and keep you safe.

David Painter

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